Empiric is the leading provider of structured and progressive health & fitness education in the Middle East, enabling current fitness professionals to fulfil their career potential through globally recognised courses of study and qualifications.
Empiric is a middle East Health & Fitness Education Provider specialising in evolving current Fitness Professionals to fulfil their career potential utilising global standards
Internationally recognised qualifications including:
  • The latest courses from the UK; Levels 1 – 5
  • A Test Centre to up-skill from REP’s provisional to full status
  • Customised internal staff training solutions
  • A range of Continual Professional Development (CPD) courses


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12th September 2016

Exercise Referral is potentially the biggest thing to happen in UAE personal training this year… this decade! Common place in other major ‘fitness training ecosystems’ Exercise Referral allows suitably qualified and experienced personal trainers to be recommended by health professionals for the ongoing care and rehabilitation of patients recovering from serious illness or accidents.

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About Us
Operating in the region for over 6 years Empiric works closely with regional and international awarding bodies to ensure the all courses and qualifications are aligned with international standards and aligned with global health and fitness industry direction… Maximising your career reach!
Why Choose Empiric
Empiric has amalgamated industry experts who have delivered training in the Middle East region since 2010. Through our successful partnerships with both large gym chains and individual trainers we recognise and understand the needs of quality high level education.
Cara Standley
Managing Director Cara Standley has over 15 years’ experience working in the fitness industry, 6 of those in the UAE. Specialising in global industry standards Cara has extensive experience in current industry trends and the educational needs of the employer and employee. Her experience has taken her from being a tutor and internal quality assurer in the UK for the largest fitness education provider to the inception and set up of the internal fitness education academy for the largest gym chain in the Middle East.
Nicky Holland
Fitness Manager
Fitness First
It’s hard trying to find a good qualification body who has a range of high level qualifications on offer, especially when living abroad. Empiric has helped me further my knowledge and develop new skills which I will be able to use in the future.

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