3 Reasons Why Becoming a Personal Trainer Will Change Your Life

Flexible work hours, doing what you love for a living, helping others to exceed their goals — the benefits of being a personal trainer are clear but what makes it a life changing career choice?

1. You’ll be healthier than ever before

In between clients, you’ll be hanging out at the gym. What better way to spend that time, than training? Typically, PTs spend a couple of hours a day working out. As your body gets fitter, you’ll notice improved digestion, greater lung capacity, increased, muscular strength and endurance, stronger bones, improved heart health, the list goes on…

When you’re qualifying to be a personal trainer, you learn in depth about nutrition and how the things that you put into your body have a profound impact on your physical and mental output. You’ll find yourself making healthier food choices to ensure that you have the physical energy and mental stamina to keep up with the job.

On a personal trainer course, you’ll also study anatomy and body systems, and will find yourself applying all that you learn to yourself. It can be a real lightbulb moment for PT students when they realise how interconnected their body systems are and how external influences can impact their bodies so dramatically. Having studied personal training, you’ll have the science-based knowledge to make better decisions about every aspect of your health and wellbeing.

2. You’ll be happier than ever before

As a personal trainer, you’ll be spending each day doing the thing you love in the company of others who share your passion, often choosing your own working hours, and getting paid for it. Why wouldn’t that make you happier? Plus with all that exercise, you’ll be regularly topping up your serotonin levels, so you’ll be high on happiness.

What’s more, research has proven that people who spend time helping others are happier. Personal training is all about helping people. You become the catalyst and the motivating force for your clients to meet their goals — whether that’s to become fitter, slimmer or stronger, to stay active during pregnancy or old age, rehabilitation after injury or retaining fitness during illness. Day-by-day, you’ll see your clients become more confident and happier as a result of your training. And when you make someone else happy, you can’t help but be happy too. Happiness is contagious, after all.

3. You’ll look better than ever before

Becoming a personal trainer will change your body. Your increased workouts will improve your muscle tone, body shape and weight. And as healthier eating habits change your insides, you’ll see the effect on the outside with healthier skin, hair and nails.

Now. We’re not saying that all personal trainers are vain or anything… but you’ll probably find that you start spending more time in front of the mirror — gyms are covered in them! As well as noticing the physical changes to your body, you’ll probably spend more time considering your appearance from your posture and smile, to personal grooming and the things you wear. After all, as a personal trainer, you’re a walking advert for the success of your own training. By taking care of the way you look, you’ll inspire confidence in your clients that they can achieve their goals with you.


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