Become the next BIG THING in fitness…

Tired of teaching the same old exercise classes? It’s time to break free from the studio and find your own groove…

The novelty factor is huge in Dubai. Everyone is looking for the latest, biggest, coolest new trend  — and nowhere more so than in the fitness industry. In a city where the majority of fitness instructors are qualified to teach big-brand, pre-choreographed classes made up of same moves for three month stretches at a time, there’s a huge opportunity to be a part of the next big thing in fitness.

What’s more, any experienced studio class teacher will agree that while pre-choreographed routines are great for a wide slice of the population, there are clients who fall outside of the target group at both ends of the spectrum. There are people who would benefit from adapted moves that are either easier and lower impact, or harder and more challenging, than a pre-choreographed class can ever allow for. It’s can be a frustrating experience, as a fitness instructor, knowing how your clients could be getting more from their class but not having the scope to help them.

As Empiric warms up to deliver its first YMCA Awards Level 2 Exercise to Music course, Managing Director Cara Standley explains why this qualification is such an important building block for the career of a fitness instructor:

“With the Exercise to Music course, we delve much further into Anatomy and Physiology. It’s important because students learn about the all the different body systems and their relation to exercise, making their classes all the more effective for clients.

“But what’s unique about this course is that the student gets the opportunity to learn about music. Learners develop an understanding of musical phrases, beats, cueing, and how to use these to the greatest effect in an exercise class. From this foundation, they create their own choreographed class and learn how to choose the right music to suit the type of class they wish to teach.

“On top of this, they learn to adapt choreography to make it harder or easier for the class in front of them, so they have the flexibility to adapt each class and each move to their audience (as opposed to having to be on a certain move at a certain part of the music).”

With rise in the popularity of dance-based classes and high-impact, high-energy spinning and circuit classes, as well as the ever popular toning and weights classes, the Exercise to Music course gives the studio teacher scope to teach a much wider range of classes to encourage a bigger audience of participants.

What really sets the ETM qualification apart is the ability to be the choreographer as well as the studio exercise specialist. On a personal level, there is greater job satisfaction for group exercise teachers who can express their creativity and flair, at the same time as offering a really effective and anatomically sound workout.

From a business perspective, the instructor is investing in a solid skills set so that whatever turns out to be the next big thing, they have the chance to be a part of it. And by creating something new and utterly unique, with the possibility to adapt and change the music, format, level, whenever and wherever they desire, they could be the next big thing themselves.

Join our Level 2 Exercise to Music course on 21-23 September. Contact us for more information.

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