Fitness Education in Dubai

In September 2016 Empiric Managing Director, Cara Standley, featured in The Dubai Good Magazine as its, ‘Home Grown Hero,’ of the month, talking about fitness education in Dubai and Cara’s ongoing contribution to, and development of, the UAE’s fitness education standards.

Tell us about your career path so far
My career in the fitness industry started in the 90’s when I became a studio instructor teaching freestyle aerobics (and yes I was one of the ones that made leg warmers fashionable!!). Very soon I went onto study to become a personal trainer and was so passionate and motivated by my work that I opened a personal trainer studio in the UK. From there I was inspired by the many success stories to study further and became a Tutor for the largest personal training provider in the UK. I was given an opportunity to teach in the UAE in 2010 and then moved on to become the National Academy Manger for Fitness First Middle East

What is Empiric?
Empiric is a fitness industry training provider that not only provides International entry level qualifications for learners in the UAE but also brings the latest research and specialist courses from the UK, Europe and Australia. We pride ourselves on the quality of education and our aim is to enable current industry professionals to widen their education and meet the health & fitness needs of clients in the UAE

What inspired the idea?
The inspiration for Empiric came from working with many diverse industry professionals from around the globe and also working alongside personal trainers in the UAE, and identifying the need for a training provider with international standards and to offer qualifications that are not available in the region.

What positive impact have you seen Empiric have on Dubai so far?
So far we have helped many learners change career, set up business or enhance their current role in the UAE. We are also rising the awareness of the impact that exercise intervention has on many diseases such as diabetes, respiratory disorders, cancer to name but a few

What questions should we ask / qualifications should we look for when choosing a gym / personal trainer?
Ensure your personal trainer is linked with an industry register. For the UAE they would be a member os the Register of Exercise Professionals UAE (REP’s UAE). This will indicate that they have the correct qualifications in place. A qualified personal trainer will conduct a full consultation to include medical and exercise history as well as conducting a range of fitness testing before planning/starting any programme with you. Your personal trainer will look to set realistic goals with you and ensure these are reviewed on a regular basis. Never be afraid to ask your personal trainer for testimonial of past successful clients.

What do you have planned for the future?
The future is very exciting for Empiric as we are working towards a referral system when personal trainers can enhance their training by studying further medical topics to enable them to work alongside other health professionals. We are also delivering several new courses for the UAE that are coming from the UK such as Cancer Rehabilitation and Obesity & Diabetes