How to Stay Fit After 40

When you’re in your 40’s it’s inevitable your body will experience changes.

At 35 years old your muscle mass naturally starts to decline. This has an impact on your metabolism
and your ability to burn those calories. Your hormones come into play and your mobility and
flexibility decreases which can contribute to aches and pains including lower back pain.

You are likely to be experiencing that your tried and tested food and fitness routine seems to be less
effective, you gain weight which is difficult to shift, and your clothes seems a little bit tighter for
no apparent reason. Sound familiar?

I specialise in the approaching 40 and 40+ market and at 47 years myself, I’m very much aware of and have
experienced the Food and Fitness challenges and frustrations faced as we mature.
When working with clients I often see the same mistakes time and time again. These include:


Eating too little.

Yes, you have to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight but not too much. It’s not so much about how
little you eat bit it’s about eating the right types of foods. Too often I see women starving
themselves in order to lose weight, getting frustrated and trying to follow a plan which is not
sustainable for them. Eating regularly means that your body receives the right amount of energy
(calories) it needs to function correctly. Eat less than your body adapts and becomes amazingly
good at making the most of whatever food (energy) it does receive. It holds onto fat stores and
begins using the muscle to provide the energy you’re depriving it of by not eating enough. If you’d
like to find out your personal daily calorie requirements, drop me a message at


Eating the wrong types of foods.

Eat out of the fridge and eat “Real” food. Avoid anything that is packaged. Even “healthy” packaged
food can be “junk” food in disguise. The best way to address this is to plan your week’s meals in
advance of shopping, that way you know you will only have food in the fridge that you will be eating,
and you will minimise the wastage.
Often snacks are a challenge and lead to high sugar and salt options. If you are stuck for snack ideas
try a handful of walnuts, a hardboiled egg or handful of coconut. Keep the food real and keep the
snack portion size to a palm-full.


Too much cardio.

Our muscle mass naturally deteriorates as we mature and our metabolism slows down, both of
which can contribute to weight gain. Slow, long distances on a treadmill as your only fitness is not
the best option. Try interval training at a High Intensity for 15 minutes instead and mix this up with
resistance style fitness. Its time efficient, fun and gives lots of variety.


Fear of being bulky.

Lifting weights will not make you bulky. Women simply don’t have the genetics to achieve this, but
we do have the genetics to achieve tone and definition which not only looks great but means we can
carry on burning calories even when we have left the gym and keeps our metabolism ticking over.
Addressing your food and fitness in the correct way for your age, gender, lifestyle and goals has
significant benefits to both your body and mind. The right food and fitness have the ability to
minimise the negative effects of the menopause, increase your energy levels and combat fatigue,
increase clarity of thought, increase self-confidence and gives you the tools to become Fit, Fabulous and
Forty and ultimately the best version of yourself.

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Louise Gilmartin – Company Owner and Advanced Personal Trainer