New Course Launch! L2 Exercise to Music

Join Empiric on 21-23rd September for the launch of our YMCA Awards Level 2 Exercise to Music training course…

Listening to music can make the difference between a good workout and a great workout. Music cuts out distractions, gives you focus and a rhythm to aim for, it energises you when you’re flagging and enhances your mood through the release of the “feel good” chemical dopamine. We’ve all experienced that surge of adrenaline when a great song comes on during a workout.

As a fitness instructor or group exercise teacher, knowing how to harness the motivational power of music can be one of the most valuable tools for improving your clients’ workout performance. This is why Empiric is introducing the L2 Exercise to Music (ETM) training course.


Who is the course for? How will it benefit me?

This entry-level fitness qualification is perfect for those starting their career in fitness. No previous qualifications are required, so it’s ideal for those wanting a qualification to grow a freelance business as a fitness instructor or group exercise teacher. It’s also a great complement for anyone working in a fitness club or gym and holding a Level 2 Gym Instructor or Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. For personal trainers, it’s a great way to expand your skillset, develop a new client base and increase your earning potential.

The focus of the course is freestyle improvisation which means that you have the freedom to develop your own ETM classes with creativity and flair, while coming away with the knowledge and skills to develop a safe and effective exercise programme. Teaching ETM classes lets you share your love of music and fitness, and creates a community around you, the instructor, which brings endless job satisfaction.


What will I learn?

On the course, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge required to plan and prepare a exercise to music session for individuals and groups of healthy adults and specialist client populations including young people in the 14-16 age range, provided they are part of a larger adult group, older adults, ante and postnatal women, and clients with disabilities.

You’ll learn essential anatomy and physiology, healthy nutrition and the importance of maintaining a physically active lifestyle and how to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the client under your tuition, including the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

Importantly, you’ll also practice effective communication and client motivation to help ensure your clients adhere to your exercise programme.


How do I sign up?

Well, that part is easy. Simply contact us and we’ll send you full details.