One born every 15 minutes… the Dubai Baby Boom!

With more babies being born in Dubai and more expectant women living in the Emirates, the pregnancy and postnatal population present an exciting opportunity for the fitness industry…


Every hour in Dubai, 3 or 4 brand new babies are brought into the world, according to figures released by Dubai Statistics Center (DCS) at the end of last year. The total of 29,282 newborns delivered within 12 months points to an increase of 19.1% over a five-year period — more babies, means more pregnant and postnatal women. The actual number of pregnant women is likely to be far higher than the number of births suggests, as many expat women still choose to return to their home country for the delivery of their baby.

The benefits of exercise and physical activity during pregnancy and in the postnatal period have been proven time and time again. We know that exercise during pregnancy can:

  • Improve energy levels
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce pregnancy discomforts including swelling, constipation, back ache, bloating
  • Improve mood and reduce the risk of postnatal depression
  • Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes
  • Help women cope better in labour
  • Recover more quickly from the physical exertion of labour

What’s more the DSC reported a higher proportion of women over the age of 30 giving birth, with only 47.5% falling into the under-30 category and a 41.2% percentage of babies delivered by Cesarian-section far higher than the global average of around 30%.

The overall picture is one of an increasing population of pregnant and postnatal women who, for a variety of reasons, need more preventative exercise care and greater postnatal, recovery exercise.

Now is an ideal time to upskill and take advantage of this growing market. As a qualified pregnancy and postnatal fitness professional you will be able to educate clients confidently about the necessity to stay active and exercise safely during pregnancy and post childbirth. By tailoring bespoke programmes that are safe, achievable and based on women’s individual and changing pregnancies, you will help your clients achieve the outcomes of healthier, happier, fitter deliveries which they can recover from more quickly.

You’ll be able to nurture your existing client-base, avoiding drop-offs during pregnancy, increase your rate of women returning to exercise postnatally and position yourself as a trusted pre and postnatal fitness expert.

Seize this fantastic opportunity. Join our course on 11-12th August.