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“It is almost 10 years since I made the decision to move into the fitness industry; having previously worked in the logistics industry I realized I was coming to a crossroads in my life and I had decisions to make, I was not passionate about the work I did and I wanted to be in an industry and job that I loved and found rewarding. Having always had a passion for sport and fitness I decided that I was going to gain my level 3 Personal Training Qualification. On reflection this has been one of the best decisions I have made – I am in a job I love and gaining this qualification has given me opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have had and has led me to be fortunate enough to be plying my trade in Dubai.

As a Personal Trainer you will go through ups and downs but in the end it is well worth it. The job is very rewarding as you get to see clients develop and progress and you meet some amazing people along the way. If I could give advice to newly qualified trainers it would be to persevere – growing a business can take time but if you work hard and focus on personal growth and development then you will make it work. Just surround yourself with positive knowledgeable people and never stop learning! There are a wide range of courses you can take as a PT which can really help build your toolbox and set you apart as a trainer; we are in a constantly moving industry and it is imperative that you move with it.


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About three years ago I decided I really should start thinking about what my next step was going to be…as a freelance PT how could I develop my career? What direction did I want to go in?

I had a colleague who had recommended some courses to me: a Level 3 assessing vocationally related achievement and a level 3 Award in education which were provided by EMPIRIC. I sought out Cara Standley who was kind enough to meet me and we sat and discussed the courses and how they could benefit my career path within the industry. This meeting was really the catalyst for me as I loved the idea of becoming a tutor and assessor – it was an opportunity to develop and learn new skills and also an opportunity for me to give something back and help to teach and mentor newly qualified trainers.

I have now completed both of the qualifications and it has been an incredible journey so far. I am very proud to say that I now work for Empiric as an assessor and I aim to be in the classroom tutoring in the near future. Taking the courses and being proactive has led me to getting an opportunity I otherwise wouldn’t have had. Now I am part of an amazing team of professionals at Empiric where I will continue to grow and develop – I am already thinking about what course to take next! I can’t stress enough the importance of continued learning. Becoming a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer is just the beginning; use it as a platform to develop what can be a diverse and rewarding career.”

Do you want to take your career to the next level or realise your potential as a Personal Trainer? Empiric offers a wide range of personal training courses in Dubai for different skill levels to either bolster your portfolio or start it off. Take your next step towards success in the fitness industry by viewing our personal training courses today. 

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