“I am my own PT”: Meet Fady, L3 Diploma in Personal Training Graduate

For Fady Fouad Tawfik Asaad, taking the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training course in Dubai with Empiric was a pivotal turning point in his life…


Healthy, energised and beaming from ear to ear, Fady Fouad Tawfik Asaad, is the walking epitome of well-being. After nine years working in consultancy, it took some deep soul-searching to get the 32-year old to where he is today.

“I worked in different fields, but had no interest in them,” Fady explains. “The jobs brought me prestige, money and opportunities, but no passion. I realised I had spent all this time dissatisfied with what I was doing and needed a kickstart to get me out of my comfort zone and make a change.

“I started to think about the things that bring me happiness and passion — and the things where I’m not counting time! The answer was always fitness.” So, Fady started a search to find the most highly respected fitness qualifications and the best place to study for them. “I met Cara Standley, the Managing Director of Empiric, who explained the whole personal training qualification process in detail.” After talking to Cara, Fadi adds “I was much more confident that this is the turn I need to take to change my whole life, and Empiric was the right place to kickstart it”.

Studying to Succeed

Making the decision to commit to the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training was the first step towards a new life for Fady, but it wasn’t an overnight transformation. Studying and training for the L2 and L3 examinations took hard work and commitment. But as he began to apply himself, Fady quickly started to see progress. “Empiric’s e-learning is fantastic. It’s interactive with videos, diagrams and activities that explain everything bit by bit. There are quizzes and exam questions to make sure you understand each and every detail, even before you attend the sessions.”

Over the next couple of months, Fady immersed himself in the Diploma — studying via the e-learning portal and joining other student personal trainers on the course during five jam-packed weekends. Far from being a typical “classroom” experience, the diploma classes cover a mix of practical and theoretical learning focussing on practising physical exercises, learning specific training systems, and developing skills in communication, motivation and teaching through role-play.

With constant feedback from other students and the course tutors, and all the while developing the essential skills of reflective practice and self-evaluation, students are able to prepare for their upcoming exams with confidence and determination to pass. “Attending the classes with Cara, after studying the e-learning, helped me to recollect so much more,” explains Fady. “I felt energised by the diploma and, for the first time in my life, I felt a real sense of achievement.”


As he studied deeper, Fady found himself looking at his own life and habits with new eyes. “I got to know each and every detail about my body and how it functions. Studying anatomy taught me about muscles I didn’t even know existed. I learnt about correct posture and how to correct a bad one, range of movements and how to expand them, energy systems and effective energy sources. Studying nutrition taught me to analyse everything I lay my eyes on — what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.” Sometimes, Fady realised, it can be difficult for the general public to differentiate what is truly good for you from the “healthy” products which we are bombarded with through advertising: “We all have a basic knowledge about what is good and what is bad, but this is often abused by commercial companies. The personal training diploma uses scientific studies with no commercial purposes that teach you how to live healthily.”

The New Beginning

Finally, Fady found it impossible to put his learnings into practice without first applying them to himself.

“By the time I had passed my L3 personal training certificate, I had poured everything I learned onto my own life. My body had already transformed. Now, I am my own PT.

Studying for the diploma, I felt like an alarm should be rung for every living person — it’s not just a qualification for people who want to be personal trainers, but it should be taught to everyone. I’d recommend it to anybody seeking a change, new knowledge, a new profession or just a healthier way of life.”


If you are interested in discovering a healthier way of living, or are looking for personal training qualifications in Dubai, read more about the Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training and take a look at our upcoming course dates.