Q&A with Hayley Bergman – LBP and Exercise Referral Tutor

In November, Empiric will be joined by Hayley Bergman of Parallel Coaching on our brand new dual course in Lower Back Pain Management and Exercise Referral. We talked to Hayley about the upcoming course and what our learners can expect from her as course tutor…

Q. Lower Back Pain is such a common complaint that most PTs will already have experience in managing it with clients. Why would someone need to go on a course specifically for it?

A. Low Back Pain Management is much more complex than many people perceive it to be. 80% of the world’s population will experience back pain at some point of their lives. Learning how to manage back pain of all levels, is a sought-after skill in all countries, especially those where work days may be lost due to pain episodes.

A level-4-qualified low back pain specialist will be able to identify postural compensations to reduce pain and improve lifestyle, but they will also be competent in dealing with the more severe spinal damage that can lead to debilitating pain and life-changing disabilities.

Q. Exercise referral works differently in the UAE compared to the UK. Why is the exercise referral qualification important for fitness professionals here?

A. Although the system of working with medical professionals may be different in the UAE, clients still have common clinical conditions. Without the knowledge of contraindicated exercises, medication side-effects, and lifestyle adaptations obtained at Level 3 Exercise Referral, a trainer could be endangering their clients.

There are many exercises that can make conditions worse, and there is a long list of exercises and programmes that can improve a client’s clinical condition; the Exercise Referral qualification teaches the trainer the right ones, so they can be confident that they are training their client safe and effectively, across 14 common clinical conditions.

Q. What can learners on the course expect from you as a tutor?

A. I have been teaching for almost 10 years, with exercise referral and low back pain being two of my favourite topics to teach. I believe learning should be fun and open up minds and opportunities. The course will be challenging, but it will also be practical, so learners leave feeling confident in the application, not just the theory.

I came out to Dubai in 2013 to teach, and the learners were fantastic. There was a real sense of community and everyone was a pleasure to teach because they genuinely wanted to learn and better themselves. I can’t wait to work with more energetic and driven trainers next time I come out to Dubai.

If you’d like to join Hayley on our 2-in-1 Lower Back Pain and Exercise Referral Course starting on 30 November, contact us for full details.