Qualify as an ETM instructor with our award-winning tutor

This September, Empiric is joined by award-winning, Dubai-based trainer Fiona Brown, who will be co-teaching the Exercise to Music class…

Fiona Brown has been in the fitness industry for more than a decade. Fitness runs in her blood and is what gets her out of bed in the morning. Currently the Health and Wellness Director for Aikaro Consultancy, and a freelance trainer and fitness tutor, Fiona has had a varied career in the industry. From training individual clients, Fiona worked her way up to managing group exercise departments, and assessing and training fitness instructors. In 2016, Fiona (then Fiona MacDonald) won the UAE REPs Fittest Trainer Challenge and was crowned a New Balance Ambassador. She has also run a ladies-only crossfit box, and has extensive experience teaching group sessions including TUFF and MOSSA classes.

It is her passion for group fitness and teaching, which brought Fiona to the ETM course and Empiric. As the Exercise to Music course in Dubai approaches on 21-23 September, Fiona explains why she is looking forward to teaching it:

“The best part of the ETM course is working with music. Bringing fitness and music together always brings a bit of fun, and what’s different about ETM is that the students learn to choreograph their own fitness routines. It’s a pleasure to watch people’s creativity and confidence grow as they start to see their ideas coming together. The result is something that’s unique to them.”

Learning about the beat, rhythms, musical phrases and selecting appropriate music, are some of essential elements of choreography which ETM learners are taught. They will also learn important anatomy, physiology, nutrition and group teaching skills. These are the skills which help studio exercise teachers take their career to the next level and offer a wider range of group exercise classes which really reflect the personality and passion of the instructor.

The YMCA Awards Level 2 Exercise to Music course will be held in Dubai on 21-23 September. To book your place or to find out more, contact us.