Stronger, healthier, happier pregnancies

Tamara Walpole, Empiric’s Tutor Manager and Pre & Post-natal Course Tutor, is on a mission to make pregnancy and antenatal exercise safer for women in the UAE…


“Personally, I love physical training in the gym because of the emotional high that comes with it. Endorphins are amazing and the high often lasts for the entire day. I also enjoy feeling strong in my own body and that I can take on any daily task easily.”

As well as being an avid gym-bunny herself, Tamara is a personal trainer qualified to work with special populations including pregnant and antenatal women. She also teaches other exercise professionals and has even designed her own kettlebells and indoor cycling courses. On top of that, she organises Empiric’s courses, students and tutors, and will be leading the L3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Pre & Post-natal Clients on 11 and 12 August.

Working with women in the lead up to and after having a baby, is a professional highlight for Tam.

“I have trained many pre and post-natal clients during my career. It’s fun building the fitness of a woman carrying a growing baby, and helping her experience the feeling of strength in her changing body. The exercise endorphin release can be a huge pick-up, particularly in the sometimes tricky postnatal period. I love witnessing the changes in my clients as their pregnancy develops, and I love contributing to their wellbeing by adapting exercises so they can train safely and effectively. For me, there is no task more important in the gym.”

Tamara acknowledges that there is a shortage of adequately qualified trainers in the UAE for pregnant and post-natal women. She believes that increasing the number of pre and postnatal exercise specialists is a great opportunity for fitness professionals and gives more women in the UAE the opportunity to have a healthier, happier pregnancy:

“I would encourage any qualified fitness professionals to sign up for the pre and post natal course. It is not easy to find a trainer who can train this special population group, and the risk of injury to pregnant and post-natal women in training is higher with inexperienced personal trainers, and the impact of injuries can be much greater because of the baby being carried. We need to reduce the chances of this happening by encouraging as many fitness professionals as possible to up-skill and get the proper qualifications.”

The L3 Award in Adapting Exercise for Pre & Post-natal Clients takes place on 11 and 12 August in Dubai. In addition to the two days of face-to-face learning, there are online theory components for students to complete at their own pace, followed by a multiple choice theory exam and a case study which is to be submitted for assessment after the course has been completed. Students will pass with the internally recognised and highly regarded YMCA L3 Award in Award in Adapting Exercise for Pre & Post-natal Clients, carrying 10 REPs UAE points and enabling them to train pregnant and antenatal women in safe and effective ways.

If you hold a Level 2 or 3 fitness qualification and are interested in expanding your skills set and potential client base to the UAE’s booming pregnancy and postnatal market, sign up for the course today. Contact us for full details.