Tips for making 2021 a better year!

Get the right qualification!

It can be a little tricky as a Personal Trainer in Dubai, due to the lack of regulation versus other nations. The good news is that  this is however changing. So we’ve put together our top tips on how to become a Personal Trainer in Dubai 2021

Register with Reps UAE

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS UAE) is a public register of fitness professionals that all hold approved qualifications.

This list is not only open to the fitness industry, where gyms can check if you’re registered, but also to potential clients. They may want to hire your services and this allows them to check that you’ve got the appropriate qualifications to train them safely.⁣⁣

Find a job

It’s true that you don’t need to be employed by a gym to start personal training but, as a new trainer, starting off in a gym brings a whole host of benefits for you as a newbie.⁣⁣

By working in a gym you now have a ready-made base of potential clients. Also you will constantly have new ones coming in thanks to the gym’s marketing and sales efforts.

You also get support from your Fitness Manager who will help you grow and learn whilst on the job too.⁣⁣

Create your own network

Find out about new opportunities within the industry.

Within the fitness industry, whilst some jobs and other opportunities are advertised, often they’re filled via word of mouth.

That means that you need to build a network of people in the fitness industry

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