Videos: 17 Tips to Build a Personal Trainer Business

Want to grow your personal trainer business? Our expert video series offers tips from our highly experienced and successful team of tutors and trainers. Follow their tips to build a reputable business as a fitness professional, gym instructor or personal trainer in Dubai – or anywhere in the world!

  1. Be your own case study when it comes to new fitness crazes

2. Stay current in your fitness industry knowledge. Choose a couple of reputable fitness journals and read them regularly

3. No one can be an expert in everything — your clients will see through you. Instead, build a solid reputation in a handful of specialist areas

4. Never stop learning. Invest in your own professional development as a fitness professional.

5. Take care of how you present yourself. You are your own best personal training advert.

6. Don’t stand over your client while they are training. You’ll win their repeat business by treating them as an equal and respecting their struggle

​7. Injuries happen, plans change. Don’t let the unexpected rock your business. Be creative in finding alternative solutions 

​8. There’s no excuse for being distracted by your phone when you’re with a client. They are paying for your time and attention so put that phone away! 

​9. Don’t view other personal trainers and fitness pros as competitors. Having a close network of reputable peers will always do your business more good than harm 

10. Network with reputable professionals in complementary disciplines like physiotherapy, sports medicine and podiatry, and benefit from mutual referrals. Your clients will reward you with trust and loyalty if you can connect them with a specialist when their issues fall outside of your skillset. 

​​11. A sustainable, longterm business is built on professionalism and reputation, not rock bottom prices.

​​12. Clients will only come back to a trainer who makes them feel comfortable. Need to correct a technique or posture? Always ask before you touch!

​​13. Professionalism and approachability are great self-adverts. Be friendly to everyone. You never know who on the next treadmill is on the lookout for a new personal trainer…

14. Be creative in your training programmes, but every time you make a change, go back to your FITT principals to make sure your client stays on track.

15. Callipers, weighing scales, before and after pictures… There are lots of ways to measure progress but not all will make your client feel confident and trustful of you on day one, so choose carefully.

16. Nobody likes the hard sell. Listening is a key skill of any great fitness trainer.

17. We all love to feel special! Go the extra mile and find out what holidays and special days are important to your client, then set calendar reminders to keep track of them.